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      Paying with PayPal
   Fill up your shopping cart on our site as usual.
   Continue through the Invoicing and Billing Screens.
   When it's time to Check Out, choose the Button as your payment option.
         (no need to enter credit card information, you will do that at the PayPal Site.)
   Be sure to click the Button!
   Finish your Payment Transaction at the PayPal Site.
   Shortly, you will receive an initial conformation of your order from us provided you
         entered your correct email address.
   That's all! It's really that simple!
   If you have any questions at all, Just Ask Us!
   If you are unfamiliar with Paypal, Click Here for more info!
   If you have not already signed up with PayPal you may need to do so by Clicking Here,
         and then on the "Sign up for your FREE PayPal Account" link.
         Is this a Gift that you need shipped DIRECTLY to a friend or family member?
         Just click on "Add Address" when in PayPal (the link is next to the Shipping Address
         on the PayPal screen) to redirect the package to the receiver's address.
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