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      Policies For Foreign Customers:
   Due to regulations, customs, and high out-of-country shipping costs, we will be shipping items to Customers of the USA through PayPal Only.
For foreign customers, if you wish to order from Magical Beads,

          please e-mail us with your order request.
          We will then calculate costs for overseas shipping and handling.
          We will give you the total amount of your order and you can then send us a Money Order.

   Currently we will only accept Money Orders from overseas customers, unless arrangements can be made with PayPal for you to pay directly thru them to Magical Beads.
   Thank you for your patience and understanding.
      General Policies at
    What are the payment options available for
   Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and e-checks via PayPal will be accepted as methods of payment. Money Orders will be accepted via the mail-in order form provided on each product page link.
    Is the use of my credit card over the Internet secure with this website?
   All information stored on our server is done via SSL, in a "Secure Socket Layer" & "HtAccess Passwording" System(s) for your security. A secure credit card company; PayPal, will be used to process the credit charges. During "Checkout" you will aquire the gold lock for SSL in the bottom right status bar of your browser window. Until "Checkout" security is not needed; as we have not asked for any of your sensitive information till then.
    What is the time frame before my credit card account will be charged?
   The charge to your account will be completed within 24 hours.
    If I change my mind can I cancel the order once it has been submitted online?
   Once your order has been placed online there is no process for cancellation and the order will be processed.
    What are my chances of being able to purchase a particular design?
   Please be advised that some of our designs are one of a kind and will not be repeated on our handmade jewelry. Also designs are subject to availability of beads and other components.
   On the gifts, some items are one of a kind, and some are limited in quantities due to their availability.
   We are starting out slowly to see what will sell, and will add more stock as time goes by, as well as more interesting products

    Are there other ways to place an order with MagicalBeads?
   Yes, by sending the Printed Order Form along with your money order to:
      Cheryl Elin-Smith
      10 Gibson Place
      Yonkers, NY 10705-4552

    Is there any other way to contact MagicalBeads?
   Yes, by calling our phone at 1 (914) 968-4671.
      Tax, Shipping and Handling
    Are there sales taxes charged to my order?
   NY based companies are required to charge NY state sales tax to NY residents.
    If questions arise about my order, where do I send these questions?
   Send questions to the information e-mail address found on the left navigation bar of all pages on this site.
    What shipping options do I have?
   United States Postal Service will be the shipping method used.
    Will ship internationally?
   Yes, with all additional shipping charges applied to the order.
    How can I be sure my order has been shipped?
   Once the order has been filled and shipped you will receive notice through an e-mail message.
      Customer Confidence and Information
    If merchandise is damaged how do I return it?
   All care will be taken to assure that the jewelry and gifts we ship is well padded for protection, so hopefully it should arrive in one piece. However if the product is damaged you have 7 working days to return the product in it's original box and condition with an explanation for the return.
   Send to:
      Cheryl Elin-Smith
      10 Gibson Place
      Yonkers, NY 10705-4552

    Will my personal information be shared with third parties by
   No. All personal information on MagicalBeads customers is kept confidential.
    For further information not covered in the FAQ obove.
   Request further information on our Contact Page.
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