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Handknit Scarf, Flare

Handknit Scarf

by Artist Cheryl Elin-Smith
   I've been working on some new scarf designs, that I think are lovely, and colorful. Here is a Brioche pattern scarf I've knit. It's made from a new yarn I've discovered, Freia Ombre. Created by Artist Tina Whitmore, she handpaints all her yarn, and handspun by US mills. You can see all the long bands of color in her yarn, which make this Freia Ombre yarn so unique. I used the 100% wool, in sport weight yarn. If any of our loyal customers are interested in any other scarfs of this design, please let us know. I love the wine, deep red, and orange, perfect to match a hat in any of these colors. I plan to work with more of this wonderful yarn, in the Freia Ombre 100% wool. Also, I only work with high end quality yarns, which cost more to buy, so it will be reflected in the price. This scarf is nice, and long, so can be wrapped around the neck, several times.
   78 inches long.
   (1 available)
$75.00 each

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