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Handknit Scarf, Storm Gray

Storm Gray
Handknit Scarf

by Artist Cheryl Elin-Smith
   I've knitted, allot of scarves throughout the years, but never a cowl. When I saw how popular, cowls had become, being sold, in all the major department stores on 5th ave, I knew I had try making one. One yarn store, I like to shop at is, "Purl Soho" in New York City. Now Purl, is making, and selling, their own beautiful yarns. I designed, a seed stitch cowl, using their Alpaca Pure yarn, but quite, expensive. When I saw their murino wool, I knew it would be perfect for my design. I've used, two bright colors, an orange red, and storm gray. The cowl is long, enough, so you can wrap it around your neck twice. I hope you like this lovely, colorful cowl, as much as I do.
   48 inches long.
   (1 available)
$60.00 each

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