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   Reasonable Ritz
   Everyone loves to find a great bargain, I know I do. Well Magical Beads is looking for elegant accessories, at a reasonable price. From accessories with New York City style, to stylish accessories, you will find it on our site. We will have unique bags, costume jewelry, hair accessories, and scarves. Reasonable Ritz, is designed for the bargain hunter in all of us, happy hunting!
Faux Suede Hat, Lime Green
Faux Suede Hat
Lime Green

Faux Suede Hat, Hot Pink
Sash Scarf
Flower Power

Sash Scarf, Pink Butterflys
Sash Scarf
Pink Butterfly's

Sash Scarf, Butterfly Garden
Sash Scarf
Butterfly Garden

Sash Scarf, Shades Of Pink
Sash Scarf
Shades Of Pink

Sash Scarf, Tropical Flowers
Sash Scarf
Tropical Flowers

Sash Scarf, Bahamas
Sash Scarf

Sash Scarf, Fandango
Sash Scarf

Sash Scarf, Flower Child
Sash Scarf
Flower Child

Sash Scarf, Modern Art
Sash Scarf
Modern Art

Sash Scarf, Tropical Breeze
Sash Scarf
Tropical Breeze

Sash Scarf, Turkish Gold
Sash Scarf
Turkish Gold

Sash Scarf, Purple Passion
Sash Scarf
Purple Passion

Sash Scarf, Queen Victoria
Sash Scarf
Queen Victoria

Sash Scarf, Blue Nile
Sash Scarf
Blue Nile

Sash Scarf, Summer Flowers
Sash Scarf
Summer Flowers

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