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Red Tea, Cocoa Butter
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   We pride ourselves on offering our customers, some of the finest gifts products we can find. Like the wonderful Terranova bath and body line, which we absolutely love. Terranova has done it again with an awesome new collection called, Red Tea, restorative treatments for bath and body. I liked the line so much, we are offering the complete collection.
   Slip into ultimate luxury with restorative treatments for bath and body, plus lush fragrance all to keep skin and spirit feeling sensual and renewed!
   Organic Red Tea, from the wild African Rooibos plant, is called “Miracle Tea” for its tremendous healing properties. This amazing infusion combines with rich cocoa butter to deliver a powerful one-two punch against premature aging, while soothing and hydrating skin.
   Each pampering formula is scented with exotic Red Tea and Cocoa Blossom fragrance. Inspired by dazzling Red Tea flowers, that cause even the air to taste sweet, this magical journey continues with a lush mix of seductive cocoa blossoms, jasmine and lotus, splashed with marine breezes and orange.
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