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Sakura Green Tea, Terranova
Sakura & Green Tea, Silky Body Wash
Silky Body Wash
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Creamy Body Lotion
Creamy Body Lotion
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Purfume Essence
Purfume Essence
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Sakura Sheabutter, Hand & Body Cream
Sakura Sheabutter
Hand & Body Cream

Sakura & Green Tea, Botanical Watermist
Botanical Watermist
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Massage and Body Oil
Massage and Body Oil
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Calming Bath Salts
Calming Bath Salts
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura & Green Tea, Cologne Mist
Cologne Mist
Sakura & Green Tea

Sakura, Green Tea Oatmeal and Glycerin Soap Duo
Sakura & Green Tea
Oatmeal & Glycerin
Soap Duo

Accessories, Agave Wash Cloth
Agave Wash Cloth

Invigorating Body Sponge, Accessories
Body Sponge

   Simple beauty and ritual baths inspire TerraNova's fragrance, bath and body collection, Sakura and Green Tea.
   Sakura, the delicate Japanese cherry blossom, evokes the freshness of springtime with its floating flower petals. Clean notes of green tea awaken the senses for a calming and anti-oxidant effect to the skin.
   Sad to say Terranova is no longer selling this line of bath products.
I have very little left in stock.
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