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Shea Butter, Terranova
   Shea Butter, nature's own miracle-working moisturizer harvested from the sacred African Shea tree, provides extra nourishment and ultra hydration, leaving skin replenished, smooth and glowing. The collection is beautifully scented with Shea Blossom fragrance to evoke the ambrosial aroma of the majestic, flowering tree.
   All the products in this Shea Butter Collection are designed to blend with each other; so there is no worry about the fragrance clashing. We will be adding more products from this wonderful Shea Butter Collection so please keep checking back with us.
   March 16, 2007: New additions for Shea Butter Collection, Perfect Pedicure Collection. Treat yourself to a luxury foot spa treatment, without leaving home, with Terranovas Perfect Pedicure Collection. Three luxurious foot care products to pamper your feet with heavenly care. First soak your tired feet with Tea Tree & Aloe Soothing Foot Soak. Then scrub them with Crushed Walnut & Spice Warming Foot Scrub. For your final spa treatment, exfoliate those dry cracked feet with AHA Fruit Acid Foot Therapy Cream. What more could you ask for, softer, smoother skin, for your tired aching feet. And best of all, you don't have to leave home.
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