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Terranova, Body
Lime Blossoms and Jasmine, collection
Lime Blossoms and Jasmine

Shea Butter, Collection
Shea Butter

Sakura & Green Tea, Fragrance Collection
Sakura & Green Tea

Organic Oasis, Collection
Organic Oasis

Gardenia, Fragrance Collection

White Ginger, Collection
White Ginger

Red Tea, Collection
Red Tea

China Rain, Traditions
China Rain

Tuberose, Body Care, Fragrance Collection

Pikake, Fragrance Collection

   We Welcome you to pampering with Terranova® Bath and Body Care Products. Terranova's Shea Butter Collection and Sakura and Green Tea Collection are our first offerings for our loyal customers. Don’t miss our Tuberosa line... This wonderful California based company is very popular with some of the Hollywood Celebrities, and Designers.
   Coming for Summer 2004, Pikake Collection, and another wonderful Terranova® Collection, Gardenia. I just tried the Creamy Moisture Sugar Scrub and the Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream. Wow these products are awesome, my skin is silky soft. I highly recommend these two products.
   Since 1970, TerraNova®, meaning "new earth," has been dedicated to using nature's bounty as the basis of all our bath and body care products. We are also proud of our reputation as innovative perfumers, as our fragrances create special moods and feelings. Each of our offerings is perfect for gracious gift giving and daily personal pampering.
   We are proud to present to our loyal customers Terranova’s new Organic Oasis Collection. Ever since our discovery Terranova Bath and Body Products, my Mom and I love them. I use the Red Tea lotion after every shower, my skin feels soft and better looking than ever. Well, Terranova has done it again with their new Organic Oasis line of products, made from all natural ingredients. New additions for Shea Butter Collection, Perfect Pedicure Collection, are here in March 2007.
   Good news for all our loyal Terranova customers. Just when you thought, things couldn't get any better, Terranova has introduced their new anti-aging line, "Lime Blossoms and Jasmine". Rich in anti-aging organic ingredients to help with Free Radicals, Rejuvenate, and Improve Elasticity of Skin. We will be offering, 5 products from this wonderful new line, coming in October 2008, great for Christmas gifts giving, or to pamper yourself.
   Please be advised that, due to the natural organic ingredients, some of the Organic Oasis products will cost more than our other Terranova lines.
   We will be adding more Terranova® Bath and Body Care Products products in this wonderful line as the year goes by.
   Please be advised: To all customers looking to purchase Water Petals Perfume Essence, Red Tea, and Sakura Green Tea, it is no longer being made or sold by Terranova. Therefore, Magical Beads will no longer be able to sell it. I have limited quantities of Sakura left, for sale.
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