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Terranova, In The News
   TerraNova® Goes to the Oscars!
   "Good news! Stuart Weitzman - one of the greatest shoe designers of all times
- handpicked our Shea Butter Creamy Moisture Sugar Scrub to include in his Oscar Party goody bag! He thought our scrub was the perfect product to help celebrities prep their skin and feet for Tinseltown’s biggest nights!"
   "Last year, the Stuart Weitzman Oscar Party list included the likes of Julie Andrews, Geena Davis, Angela Bassett, Shannon Elizabeth, Vivica Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Iman, Kathy Bates, Jewel and Queen Latifah! To thank them for stopping by, each received a goody bag of luxurious items, including TerraNova's own Gardenia Soothing Bath Salts!"
Terranova, Beauty Tips for that Spa Feeling
   TerraNova's Beauty Tips For That Spa Feeling
  • Hand Renewal
    Restore and repair winter chapped hands with a therapeutic soak, exfoliation and massage! A perfect treat for gardener's hands as well.
    Here are the steps for this luxurious routine.
    A... Add a few drops of Massage & Body Oil in lukewarm water and soak hands for a few minutes. We are currently selling Sakura & Green Tea Massage & Body Oil, but look for more body oils in Terranova’s great lines for sale in Summer 2004.
    B... Gently exfoliate dead skin cells, while giving hands a stimulating massage with Shea Butter Creamy Moisture Sugar Scrub. Rinse and pat dry. Magical Beads is selling Shea Butter Creamy Moisture Sugar Scrub and other wonderful Shea Butter products.
    C... Finish off with a gentle massage using one of TerraNova's extraordinarily rich, yet easily absorbed Shea Butter Hand and Body Creams. These luxuriously restoring creams are available for sale on our site in the following fragrances, Shea Butter and Sakura & Green Tea. Try this luxurious routine yourself, or, ask your significant other to do it for you.
  • Relaxing Bath
    Take yourself away to a relaxing aromatherapeutic bath with TerraNova's Bath salts and Shea Butter Effervescing Sugar Bath Cubes. They are perfect for moms in need of
    a quiet sanctuary or seeking a guilt-free indulgence that helps soothe their mind and body. Skin will feel like it just stepped out of a spa, and spirits will be refreshed and renewed. Try some of our Scented Candles to enhance that spa feeling.
   We are currently selling Sakura and Green Tea's Calming Bath Salts. Look for Shea Butter Effervescing Sugar Bath Cubes, Pikake Soothing Bath Salts, and Gardenia Soothing Bath Salts to come for Summer 2004.
Terranova, Press Room
Natural Health, Press Release, Terranova
WWWDBEAUTYBIZ, Terranova, Press Release
November 2007
   TerraNova's Shea Butter Warming Foot Scrub was selected for a story on Native Remedies.
March 2007
   Our Organic Oasis collection received an impressive write up in this exclusive trade magazine.
body + soul Press Release, Terranova
Giftware News, Terranova, Press Release
March 2007
   Our Shea Butter Crushed Walnut & Spice Warming Foot Scrub was featured in Body + Soul's "Stuff We Love" this month! Here's what they said, "Like an instant pedicure, this combo of crushed walnut, sugar, and shea butter clears dead cells and moisturizes feet."
March 2007
   TerraNova Shea Butter Perfect Pedicure Colletion was featured in this month's Giftware News!
Spa, Press Release, Terranova
Yoga, Terranova, Press Release
March/April 2006
   Our Organic Oasis Green Coffee and Yerb Maté Stimulating Body Scrub was an "Editors Pick" in Spa Magazine; "gives skin a double shot of caffeine - known to increase circulation and help keep cellulite in check."
March 2006
   Our Organic Oasis Tiare Flower & White Tea Body Lotion and Shea Butter & Jojoba Miracle Cream were picked by Yoga Journal's top editors as their "favorite things" this month!
Body & Soul, Press Release, Terranova
Vegetarian Times, Terranova, Press Release
March 2006
   TerraNova's Organic Oasis Green Coffee & Yerba Mate Body Scrub was featured in Body & Soul as one of their favorite "Wake-Up Scrub"!
March 2006
   Vegetarian Times featured our entire Organic Oasis collection in their "Stuff We Love" section!
Florists Review, Press Release, Terranova
Bridal Guide, Terranova, Press Release
February 2006
   Our Organic Oasis line received a wonderful write up in Florist Review. They included our products in their "Personal Care With a Purpose" article!
January/February 2006
   TerraNova's Waterpetals Soap, Bath Salts, Perfume Essence and Cologne Mist were suggested as "decorative items" to add personality to your bathroom in the "Bathing Beauties" article in the January/February issue of the Bridal Guide Magazine.
Allure Press Release, Terranova
Organic Products Retailers, Terranova, Press Release
December 2005
   Our Shea Butter Tresses-To-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream is featured in the December issue of Allure Magazine, "TerraNova Shea Butter cream battles the desert air at the Spa at Camelback Inn in Scottsdale."
November 2005
   Our Organic Oasis collection was featured in the November issue of Organic Products Retailers Magazine. "From TerraNova comes Organic Oasis, a collection of certified organic bath, body care and fragrance products."
Press Room, Lucky Press Release, Terranova
Gift & Decorative Accessories, Terranova, Press Release
November 2005
   Our Red Tea & Cocoa Blossom Blissful Therapy Tub Tea was featured in the November issue of Lucky Magazine. "We can't get over how good these giant sachets smell—like exotic, spice-infused gourmet chocolates."
August 2005
   Our Red Tea & Cocoa Butter collection was featured in the August issue of Gifts & Decorative Accessories - a gift industry trade magazine.
Press Room, VIVA Press Release, Terranova
MSNBC, Terranova, Press Release
May 2005
   TerraNova was featured in the May/June issue of Viva Magazine. China Lily and Rain perfumes were recommended as "The Natural Way" to re-create "Celebrity Scents" for Beyoncé Knowles and Milla Jovovich.
January 2005
   TerraNova was featured in an article on Valentine's on MSNBC's website. The article recommended Red Tea & Cocoa Butter: "TerraNova has combined its "miracle tea" with cocoa butter. The result is a line of super creamy, red-tinted products, which smell delicious."
Press Room, Elle Press Release, Terranova
Gift and Decorative Accessories, Terranova, Press Release
April 2004
   When shade master Trae Bodge was asked, "Which products would ELLE have to pay you a million dollars to give up?" she answered:
   "I love TerraNova, this line that blends fragrance oils; we sold it at my mother's store. My favorite is still China Rain."
March 2004
   Foreign Intrigue. Serenity and a sense of order are part of the mystique of the Far East. That goes for their beauty treatments as well. These products let you in on some of those secrets. The White Ginger Collection employs Hawaiian traditions, and features the artwork of Frank Macintosh.
Spa Magazine, Terranova, Press Release
Redbook Magazine, Terranova, Press Release
September/October 2003
   Bringing the joys of the spa to relaxing at-home treatments, new skincare and bodycare products update pure luxury with high performance. Rejuvenate body and soul when you uncap the best of these lotions and potions. [...] Mandarin, lily, and peony notes infuse Terranova Orchid Rain cologne.
June 2003
The Only Moisturizer You Need
Why You'll Love It
   Packed with shea butter and avocado oil, TerraNova's Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream banishes dryness in hands, nails, face, lips, and hair.
Body & Soul, Terranova, Press Release
Skin Inc Magazine, Terranova. Press Release
Spring 2003
   If you want a subtle alternative to alcohol-heavy perfumes, dab on a light, long-lasting, essentiall-oil-rich scent. Match your favorite smells with these new, alcohol-free fragrances that are ideal for sensitive skin.
   Floral, TerraNova's new Rain Blossom line, features perfume essences in three delicate scents: Orchid Rain (with essences of jasmine, lily, and orchid), Bamboo Rain (mandarin, peony, and white birch), and Tea Blossom Rain (rose, green tea, and cyclamen); (800) 966-3457.
July 2002
   Shea Butter Collection includes Shea Blossom Perfume Essence, Shea Blossom Cologne Mist, Moisture Rich & Pure Glycerin Soap, Silky Skin Bath & Shower Gel, Revitalizing Lotion, Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream and a To-Go Kit. 800-966-3457
Rosie Magazine, Terranova, Press Release
Beauty News Magazine, Terranova, Press Release
November 2001
   Sela's secrets: products that keep the Once and Again star gorgeous. Emmy winner Sela Ward has figured out how to stop the clock. (In fact, at 45, she's basically reversed it.) Check out the goods in her makeup bag:
TerraNova's Rain - Cologne Mist.
March 2006
   Our Organic Oasis Spa Tote was featured on Beautynewsnyc.com this month. "The combination of mate and coffee make for an excellent body scrub because of their ability to fight cellulite. The tiare flower extract and coconut oil are the main moisturizing ingredients in the silky lotion, but the 20 percent concentration of shea butter in the Therapeutic Miracle Cream is the best solution for dry skin."

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