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Yoga, Little Yogis Video Volume 1

Little Yogis Video Volume 1
Yoga Video by Wai Lana

   Wai Lana introduces the whole family to yoga with her brand new, fun-filled Little Yogis Video. With this playful workout, kids will pretend to be cobras, bears, butterflies, and bridges as they stretch and strengthen their bodies, sharpen their minds, and improve their balance and coordination. Sixty minutes of pure fun, Wai Lana’s Little Yogis™ is a playful way to get your kids into healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
   “... an award-winner! Charming with beautiful scenery. Great for children— but adults who are newcomers to yoga can benefit from this video as well! Great exercises for all ages! What a beautiful tape. It’s her best! It’s great! It’s so sweet with the children. It’s great for adults too. For someone just starting out, it can’t hurt them. They can’t overdo themselves. Tell Wai Lana we loved it.”
—Film Advisory Board President Elayne Blythe
$12.95 each

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