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Hats, Optimal Sun Protection
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Watership Hats

Be Sun Wise
Be Sun Wise
Watership Hats
   Take a Watership Hat on your next adventure... You'll never want to take it off!
   Watership Trading Companie hats provide optimal Sun Protection for you and your family. Whether you are out at the beach, sailing, surfing, walking, climbing, running, lounging, sight-seeing, paddling, hiking, biking, digging, trekking, golfing, or swimming our wide brimmed hats will protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. These hats are rated (UPF 50) by the Textile Research and Testing Lab at Cal Poly State University. For further information about Sun Protection visit the American Academy of Dermatology Website www.AAD.org. Watership hats are sun protection at it's finest. Not only sun protection, but each hat is portable, packable, and washable.
   We not only wanted to sell hats that were stylish but, also, hats that stand up to wear & tear. But most importantly, give the best sun protection hats for all your outdoor activities.
We strive to sell only the best quality products to all our customers, and products we ourselves would want to wear.
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