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Toys, Kirima Polar Bear, Hanging Plush Toy, Wild Republic

Kirima Polar Bear
Hanging Plush Toy by Wild Republic

   MEET KIRIMA™. His Inuit-Eskimo name means “hill.” How appropriate — Kirima is as big as a hill, maybe even an iceberg! As an adult polar bear, Kirima is one of the largest carnivores around, but when he was born, he was no bigger than a rat. No matter what its size, every part of the Arctic ecosystem deserves respect. An inuit-Eskimo saying is a good reminder for us: “The snowflake respects the glacier. The glacier respects the mountain. The mountain respects the sky.”
   KIRIMA IS A POLAR BEAR. The polar bear is one of the largest land animals in the world, standing up to 11 feet and weighing as much as 1700 lbs.! Polar bears are very strong and active, even on icy surfaces. Their feet are covered with fur, giving them stability even on slippery ground. Even though they spend a great deal of time on ice, polar bears do not drink water. They get all the liquid they need from the food they eat. Polar bears live on the southern edge of the Arctic ice cap, where their dense fur and thick layer of insulating fat come in handy to keep them warm.
   A portion of proceeds from this toy will benefit the AZA, and endangered species around the world.
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   by Wild Republic.
$10.00 each
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