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Toys, Longtemps Monkey, Hanging Plush Toy, Wild Republic

Longtemps Monkey
Hanging Plush Toy by Wild Republic

   MEET LONGTEMPS™. His name, pronounced “long-tahm,” means “long” in French, one of six languages spoken in Madagascar where he lives. What an appropriate name. Longtemps walks tall, striding around, showing off his unique ability to walk on his hind legs. He loves to flaunt that he can stand up straight. Many of the other animals, crawling around on all four legs, just sigh, repeating the French saying, “It's good to be clever, but not to show it.”
   LONGTEMPS IS A VERREAUX’S SIFAKA. This creature has extremely long legs and prefers vertical positions and postures. On the ground, the sifaka bounds around on its hind legs in an upright position. This is very unusual for animals. The sifaka, a member of the lemur family, has white fur with black or chocolate brown patches on the face and the top of the head. Sifakas are found in the forests of southern and southwestern Madagascar. If you’re ever introduced to one, stand up straight for goodness sake!
   by Wild Republic.
$10.00 each

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