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Yoga, Lifestyle, Meditation

   Yoga for the little ones. Little Yogis...

Wai Lana’s New Yoga

 for “Little Yogis” are a dream for parents. Fun, safe, easy, and convenient. Yoga Activities to keep them busy for hours.
Yoga, Little Yogis DVD Vol. 1
Little Yogis™
DVD Volume 1
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Little Yogis™ DVD Volume 2
Little Yogis™
DVD Volume 2
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Little Yogis Daydream CD
Little Yogis™
Daydream™ CD
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Little Yogi Kit
Little Yogi Kit
Wai Lana Yoga


   Yoga and Pilates For Adults
   Begin practicing Yoga or Pilates with our Yoga and Pilates Accessories. Kits serve as both a welcome gift or a springboard for beginning your own Yoga and Pilates practice.
Yoga, Easy Adult Yoga Kit
Easy Yoga Kit
Adult Kit
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Get Started Adult Yoga Kit
Get Started
Adult Yoga Kit
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Tropical Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates Mat
Tropical Hibiscus
Yoga & Pilates Mat
Wai Lana Yoga

Yoga, Meditation Trilogy CD
Meditation Trilogy
Set of 3 CD’s
Wai Lana Yoga

Pilates, Yoga, Toning, Sculpting
Pilates Yoga
Adult Kit
Toning & Sculpting

   Unique, Fun, and most importantly very healthy for your little ones. Wai Lana’s new “Little Yoga” yoga products for kids.
   Who is Wai Lana you ask? Only one of the best Yoga teachers out there, with her own show on local PBS stations. She has been selling videos, DVD’s and great yoga equipment for adults. Now she has a new line of products for the kids. When I saw them at the Toy Fair, I knew we had to sell them at Magical Beads. We are selling the Adult Yoga Kits, mats, relaxation and meditation CD’s as well.
   With Mom, Dad and Myself, dance & health has been an important part of our lives. Being in the Dance field for many years, Mom was thrilled with Wai Lana’s “Little Yoga” video. What Yoga does for adults, will also do for your little ones as well. Like Ballet, Yoga helps with posture, balance, and concentration. But, most of all, it teaches a healthy lifestyle to kids. Just like adults, many kids have stressful lives, from doing well in school, to making friends. “Little Yoga” will help your kids to relax and have lots of fun. Wai Lana has made these Yoga programs safe and easy, and you might enjoy doing Yoga right along with your kids!
   We recommend that parents watch Little Yoga Video first, that way they will be able to help their little ones with all of the Yoga exercises. Please don’t expect your children to be able to do all the Yoga exercises, just let them do what they can. The rest will come with time and practice. As always, before starting any exercise program for kids or adults, consult your family doctor.
   Good News, Wai Lana Yoga is going Green. Coming in June Wai Lana is offering eco-friendly products. Here at Magical Beads we really care about the planet so, we are proud to offer a yoga line that protects our delicate eco-system. So, please stay tuned, we will try and offer all products in her wonderful new line.
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